Ahiṃsā: treading gently

This week my class worked with the concept of Ahiṃsā: non-violence; the ethical principle of not causing harm. ☺️🌿 It’s a foundational part of Buddhist and Hindu teachings, also the key message shared by Gandhi.

As always our yoga practice is a wonderful place to explore different concepts; Ahimsa on the mat can mean moving through each posture with awareness and care, backing off when appropriate, and being mindful of keeping a kind inner dialogue in the process.

Ahimsa really does extend so far beyond the idea of simply not physically harming other people — living by it means being mindful of our thoughts, actions and words, and our effect all beings from family to strangers, from bugs to animals — to the environment, and importantly (but so easily forgotten!), to ourselves.

Leaving the world at least just as good if not better than when we first encountered it. Living with compassion and an open heart guides us along this path. 

Hari Om.


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