No mud, no lotus

Stress isn’t necessarily bad. It’s the way we view it that causes us to suffer. Nature shows us that stress always equals evolution. As humans with human minds and hearts, we will always have stressors — whether it’s tension in a relationship, a fear of failure at something, or a sense of incompleteness or lacking somewhere else. The shift happens when we start to look at each one as a portal through which we can wake up a little more.

When we realise there is no ‘problem’ here, only space for more unfolding. When we pause each time we get triggered and say ‘now is my chance to practice responding and evolving instead of retreating to habitual reactivity’.

As the Buddhist saying goes, ‘No mud, no lotus’.

May each of our challenges be the portals through which we wake up a little more. 🙏🏽🌸

Hari Om x

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