Out of the head, into the body

Patañjali’s yoga sutra 1.2: Yoga citta vrtti nirodah — “Yoga is the cessation of movements in consciousness.” 🌱 For me the best way to get out of my head is to get into my body.

Sometimes that’s through movement, breath, or finding a suitable shape that is either appropriately challenging or nourishing to me in that moment.

Getting out of our heads isn’t about escapism or covering over anything — it’s about acknowledging the mind is a busy machine that continues to churn and overthink when allowed to do so, and choosing to instead work with it.

We can help to reduce the momentum of the avalanche of our thoughts and get back to feeling a little more in control by taking moments to do whatever it is that focuses the mind: a walk, a run, a conscious breath, a handstand, a smile… do what serves you.

Learning how to work with our minds instead of feeling victim to them is a skill that won’t just help us today, but for life.

May your practice help to uncover what works for you.

Hari Om.

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