Living Abhyāsa and Vairāgyā: balance and surrender

Over the past week, my students and I have been exploring two more concepts from the Yoga Sutras to take into our practices, both on and off the mat. 🙏🏽

One is the element of Abhyāsa — the act of sustained practice, or effort. 🙏🏽 The second is the element of Vairāgyā — the act of non-attachment, centredness (or ‘dispassion’). When we practice these two concepts together we can better tend to the areas of our lives that need our consistent, honest hard work towards realising a goal (it might be in a project at work, or at home, in the roles we play within family etc, hello #mumlife , or of course in our yoga asana practice 😌), because combined with Abhyasa we also allow ourselves to remain centred when our efforts / the outcomes unfold differently to how we want or expect (…as they often do). It’s when we get caught up with things not going to plan or the way we like that we suffer or struggle. These two practices go together in Sutra 1.12: Abhyāsa vairāgyābhyāṁ tannirodah.

Living them simultaneously helps us to learn both balance and surrender — alternating periods of work and rest, expansion and contraction. And so as always, the practice continues off the mat.

May your practice continue to bring you balance this week yogis.

Hari Om 📿📖😌🙏🏽

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