Santosa: contentment with the now

I remember how bumpy life used to be when my focus was on getting all the outside stuff ‘right’, in the hopes that the insides would then follow suit. Always half-living, as though a better version of life or of myself was just around the corner, hidden inside some moment other than now: after the next trip away, after buying the next new thing, out beyond the next weekend, or even after I or somebody else changed in some way.

But life is never full when we view it through the cracked lens of lacking. As though happiness depends upon getting or fixing or changing something.

Through trial and error, patience and softening, life continues to show me again and again, that the work truly starts on the inside. 💛 It’s in each intentional breath, it’s in the space we make between the thought and the act, and it’s in the letting go of wanting things to be anything other than what they already are.

When I feel the familiar pull of liking or disliking, of clinging or resisting… I now know to gently soften back into the contentment of Now. There’s a whole shift of the mind and the heart when we start to see what there IS, instead of looking for what there isn’t. .

In the words of Mark Nepo: “Light is in both the broken bottle and in the diamond.”

I am forever grateful for these teachings, and I’ll forever be a student on the quest for knowledge.

Hari Om. 📿😌

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