200 days of sadhana

Reaching a particular number of consecutive days of meditation wasn’t really a goal of mine… however this app keeps track and reminds you after each practice. And I have to say I’ve found it has helped me keep accountable to mine. 🙏🏽😊 Two hundred days of sitting, being. Each practice completely different to any other day, each one a new lesson or layer of self to peel back.
The ritual beforehand always remains the same: alarm rings at 4 am, tiptoe/ninja roll out of bedroom (#mumlife), boil kettle, feed cats, clear away baby toys from lounge room floor and roll out mat, place blanket and bolster. Open window slightly. Light nag champa and candle at my altar. Sit down in virasana, contemplate @babaramdass Daily Words of Wisdom email as I finish my coffee, begin a few rounds of nadi shodhana to balance, then open Insight app and… drop in. 💛
Travel and the occasional sleep in have caused slight detours here or there, but a combination of deep devotion (bhakti) and willpower (tapas) has kept me returning without wavering.

At the very least I have an even deeper knowing of how vast the natural variations of our physical, emotional and energetic states can be day to day — each practice showing me ‘from where’ I will be stepping into that day and informing the choices I make in support of them.

At its deepest moments, meditation has led me to touch the subtle and the profound beauty of life through a place that is both within and beyond me. ✨

I cannot imagine my life without this practice; I liken the idea to stepping out into traffic without looking, or to refusing to check my bank balance and just hoping I never run out of money (that never ends well!), or to simply living life with gloves on: never truly touching or experiencing anything fully.

I am so grateful for this time each day, for this intimate knowing of my being, of life, and of the divine. I forever remain a student on this path.

To the next 200 hundred days as beyond.

Hari Om. ❤️📿🙏🏽😌

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