happy here, now

Ten years with this practice, but a lifetime of growth in the last few short months. Feeling so at home in this heart, in this body, in this life. 💛

In my practice, in my teaching, in my connection to everything beyond myself. I noticed this was the first time in many, many trips to Bali where I did not feel sad to come home: a first for feeling fully content with where I am—wherever I am. Contentment not dependent on what is around me. I know that this journey inwards, slowly building and nurturing the garden of my heart, has created a very stable place from where I now connect outward; and so can offer my best, in true sevā. Our inner world attracts our outer world.

My heart is so full and thankful for all I have. For the strong and honest connections from big hearts to big hearts. It was from this secure place in my own heart that the journey upwards could finally begin, and not ever before—which I now know.

Steady the heart, steady the moon, and so the sun may rise. 🌙☀️ 

Thankful for this practice, every single day.

May the incredible journey from the unreal to the real continue.

Hari Om 📿🙏🏽 

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