the edge of limitations

“You have to go to the edge again and again. That’s how eventually you go beyond.”
~Sri Dharma Mittra 🔥❤️📿

Old habits, negativity, unhelpful self talk, doubt, fear, over-analysing… these provide the best kindling for our inner fire. I have found that offering up these limiting things through my own practice not only leaves me feeling lighter, but helps me to move through them more quickly.

Our practice can provide a safe ground on which our limitations can be made seen, then burned. When we approach this process with an open heart, we cultivate an increasingly steady sense of peace and connection to our deep inner knowing (which is always there). This connection becomes the glue that keeps things together in all aspects of life. 😌

May the flame of our courage stay bright, may we remember to live from our hearts, and may we allow our practice to open us a little more, each time we return.

Hari Om. 


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