300 day sadhana

300 consecutive days of meditation.. of practice.

Two great things it has taught me so far:

1, how to know when it’s time to quieten and slow everything down in exchange for a deep listening… and

2, how to do that.

The past few weeks have asked me to this exactly: like a hibernation of nourishment. To slow down hugely, to pull back from a number of things (my full schedule.. lack of sleep.. using social media… anything that was not essentially replenishing) and to go inside, to rest, and to be. To listen to my body and my heart — and this practice remains the anchor.

The timing of year for this little break feels just right too: the tail end of winter as the spring buds are starting to show. The contraction before the expansion. 🌱 

I am so grateful and excited for all that is ahead.

Thank you practice for being my window in, over and over.

Here’s to navigating 300 more days with you. 🙏🏽😌#practice

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