a second journey into motherhood

They say each pregnancy is different—and man, has the journey with our second little one already been a completely different ride than I was expecting. These last few months have asked me to pull back from almost everything—not just because of the typical first trimester symptoms (cue literally not being able to work for a few weeks!) but emotionally it’s been as though this little person has asked me to well and truly turn down the volume of life so as to hear the delicate song they wish to sing. 🌟

I have been able to sense that this tiny being holds within them a nature that will balance our active little family: they’re grounded… steady… there’s an earthiness to them. (Even my taste in music has adjusted in this way… it’s been pretty incredible to experience!).

I thank my yoga practice for teaching me how to listen into life in such a refined way: to hear the messages of my body, my heart, and the subtle songs beyond that now let me connect to this little bug.

Excited and honoured to be on another sacred journey into Mamaland, with my beloved practice as my anchor once more. The introspective cloud is lifting now and I feel like I’m slowly returning into life with an even fuller heart, (even more love to share in my teaching!), and so much thankfulness and excitement for what is ahead. Hari Om. So very grateful. 🍂☺️🌸

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