the silence in spring

I’ve been walking Willow to daycare every morning the last few weeks. And I’ve noticed how pleasant it has become to take my walk back home in silence, rather than immediately plugging into music or a podcast as per usual.. a taste for less stimulation is very much welcomed—and I may partly thank the little detox I took from social media for that.
For a few weeks I didn’t open any of the apps, which initially freed up more time in the day without mindless scrolling.

Whenever I’ve had an extra 5 or 10 mins up my sleeve I go out for a quick walk, or turn everything off and open the windows to breathe the fresh air and just enjoy sitting and being wherever I am. More and more these have become such special moments of my day.

Silence is nourishing. Even driving in the quiet brings me peacefulness. On walks I better notice the different bird songs from all directions, as well as the new buds on trees.. the smell of the new blossoms and wattle warming in the sun is so much stronger. Sharing these observations with my daughter I hope will too encourage her to enjoy the little gifts like these that come from being mindful. 🌸 

It’s easy to fall into a habit of needing a lot of stimulation all the time (especially over winter when it ain’t always fun to connect to the elements…). So now as things warm and bloom it brings such a perfect opportunity to reconnect to what is simple and good.

Grateful for all this extra space. And for spring. 🌿🌺🍃😌

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