‘Advanced’ practice

How ‘advanced’ we are in our practice really comes down to what our life looks like OFF the mat. (spoiler: so no, it’s not about how flexible we are!)

My teacher Rod says the effectiveness of our practice is reflected simply in seeing how adaptable we are in our lives: how easily we can roll with, stay steady through, and open up to all that comes our way.

For me, as my body changes daily and I’m less able to get into my favourite shapes (…farewell, beloved deep twists and backbends!), I honour the changes by easing towards nourishing elements that serve me best now:

  • Balancing pranayama that will set me up for the day.
  • Movement + long holds that allow my body to stay strong and open in the places it needs.
  • Stillness + ease to continually re-establish a steady mind and heart to guide bub and I along our path.
  • And a daily sense of ritual + offering: the glue of the heart that keeps it all together. ♡

This strong connection home makes me feel secure and trusting of all that unfolds now.

Practice is our best tool for staying steady and open to life and it’s unfolding. We build the foundations by relaxing the agenda; instead listening to and honouring all that is true in the here and now. 🙏🏽🍃😌

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