meditation: life’s glue

“In this daily act of plunging into our inner world, the separated parts of ourselves do come together. The loose ends of our personalities meld with our Awareness, and we become whole.”
📖☺️ Sally Kempton

I haven’t skipped a day of practice in over a year. Even while travelling; even when each practice may look very different to accomodate this growing belly or body’s changing needs (hello sciatica!). It’s the anchor and the glue that keeps everything together.

I’ve been meditating with the beautiful and powerfully skilful teacher Sally Kempton for a little while now; sitting with her each morning makes me feel nurtured, inspired, opened, and grounded: essential tools during a time of big change.

Some prayers for this time:

🙏🏽 May I continue to keep making the space for life to flow freely through me — minus resistance, judgement, attachment, and fully accepting of what is.

🙏🏽 May our practices keep reminding us where our centre /midline is (physically and energetically), no matter how far away from or towards it we may ebb and flow

🙏🏽 May we stay trusting of ourselves, and know always that through every stage of our evolution, we remain whole and complete.

See you back on the mat next week. 🙏🏽☺️🌊

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