400 days of meditation

My yoga practice has been regular for ten years, but 400 days ago I unintentionally made meditation my daily priority above all else — and I’m grateful for what it has brought me.

While the practices themselves may look different each day, it is by far the daily ritual of returning to practice that has created a sturdy additional ‘cup’ inside me which always feels full.

Every other cup — emotional, physical, mental — seems to fluctuate daily in it’s fullness, influenced by the general unfolding of life (or at the moment, pregnancy!👶🏽). But my ‘spirit cup’ I suppose you can call it remains strong and available to carry me. (I was once somebody who swore to never have children because I doubted my ability to stay grounded enough for it. These years of practice have carried me a very long way.)

And I feel it is a ‘devotional’ approach rather than a ‘disciplined’ one that has kept me wanting to return each morning, no matter how full or empty my other cups are. Whether for 4 or 40 minutes, meditation gives me a place to reset, reconnect, recalibrate, reopen — to offer up, and to take in. For this I am soooo so thankful… and I’ll be back again tomorrow. May our practices continue to remind us of the eternal sweetness underneath it all.
Hari Om. 🙏🏽🌺☺️📿

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