remembering the interconnectedness

These beautiful words are from one of my favourite guided meditations with one of my favourite teachers. 💛☺️ I practice it a few times a week. I find that regularly reminding myself that at a basic, even cellular level, everything in life is actually so connected and similar brings me home to a very grounded, balanced and open place.

Gaps fill, valleys smooth. Any perceived sense of separation from myself, from others, from my feelings, or from my purpose dissolves. A return to remembering a sameness and oneness.

Our meditation practice is the key to unlocking doors and dismantling walls within ourselves. Knowing this lets us truly begin to connect to it as our medicine. This beautiful process of unraveling is what keeps me returning to sit each day.

Gift it to yourself. Even 5 minutes of turning inward daily bring can spark an opening. Start here. Return here. As Kabir says: “wherever you are is the entry point”. 🍃🦋☺️ @sallykemptonofficial

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