steadiness in the unfamiliar

I’ve been here before… just once: the twilight zone between two worlds, as we wait for her to join us. although it’s a little different this time. there’s still an urge to filter.. to clean.. to shed, inside and out, so that there’s enough clear space for her to land here. 💛 And I love how I keep being drawn into more moments with my eyes closed… both on and off my mat. 😌 I move through asana practice this way. More time in meditation, more time to rest, to nap, to sleep, to listen. To walk with the sunrises and sunsets. To re-read old books and familiar teachings…

But there’s also a strange mix of wanting to avoid the ache, the heaviness, the urgency in every news story… combined with a yearning to stand up for a better earth for (all of) our babies. 🌏

While the colour of our sky now often looks different to how i’ve ever known it, reliably the sun still rises each morning, and the moon still glows through her phases each night: proof that beneath the unfamiliar remains some beauty and steadiness. 💛

What I know for sure is the power that daily practice.. daily offering.. in whatever form.. brings in times of uncertainty and transition. I am thankful every day for mine keeping this mama’s heart steady and open through it all. To all that is ahead. Breath by breath. 🧡😌🙏🏽 #sadhana


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