500 days of sadhana

Violet is a week old today.  On the morning I went into labour I was already about to get up with the dawn to practice. So I eased gently into simple pranayama and meditation… amid dull contractions… which landed me right into the heart of them. This really is what helped me bring her into the world from such a centred place only a few hours later. 💛

Next morning home again.. up before dawn.. back in the same room—except this time nursing. And it felt the perfect time to practice again: Violet and I on the couch together, candle lit early darkness, her now in my arms instead of my belly.

And each morning since, we have sat in the same way during ‘our’ practice: eyes closed, breathing together. Never missing sharing a day of it since long before she was conceived. And she’s such a chilled girl… I know it has set some foundation for her. 💛

Practice can be the glue that continually regathers and holds each of our parts together. Duration doesn’t matter, fancy technique doesn’t matter: what’s important is the space made consistently.. no matter how small.. to listen for how we may ground a little more in this moment.
Feeling grateful, strong yet soft, and oh so full today.
Slow steps. 🌿☺️

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