Silver lining in the chaos

I’m really not sure what will happen next, My Love… 🧡 (so far, this year has proven we should certainly expect the unexpected).

I’m also not sure what the world will look like by the time you are bigger… (it already looks pretty different to what I imagined for both of you).

But in the meantime, I will do my best to teach you how to stay steady through some of the ‘not-knowing’ that you will certainly experience in your lifetime.

I will remind you to always look for the  silver lining in the chaos (currently for us, its the slow and sweet simplicity of each day at home… and family walks in the sunshine ☀️).

And I’ll help you find ways to practice listening to your own rhythms—of your body, your mind and your heart—so that you get to know and truly love yourself along the way. (…for now, I am very much enjoying listening to yours for you… You are already a wonderful practice all by yourself.).

Thankful to be in ‘lockdown’ with you. I love you. 🧡😘🌿 Xx

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