Re-reading old books

The last few weeks I have enjoyed flicking through old books on my shelf (mostly between feeds 👶🏽 , short practices 🙏🏽, and waiting for the kettle to boil… again ☕️ ). I love how you can return to an old favourite book and sometimes notice something new in it.Maybe today a passage stands out more than it first did. Or a part suddenly makes more sense than before (…evidence that it might indeed be the reader, not the writing, that has changed).

This secondhand book is by Jack Kornfield ~ i have shared from it a lot in my classes over time. Its pages still smell like a mix of sweet ‘old books smell’ and Nag Champa. 

I really miss teaching and sharing a sacred space with other likeminded souls. I also feel thankful that the practice we share is, itself, what can keep us peaceful and steady until we can come together for it again.

(And won’t that day be a sweet one.) 😌🌸

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