The yoga of parenting

One of my two greatest gurus. 😌

Oh, the yoga of parenting.

I’m sure my fellow mums + dads will agree on this too: our children are excellent teachers. And an entire practice within themselves. They open us. They bring us face-to-face with both the best & the worst of ourselves. They bring us to experience the greatest of love. They show us where we are stuck ~ and so where our ‘inner work’ lies.

A continual process of shedding layers.

Beautiful, terrifying, liberating, challenging. Parenting is a unique form of Sevā – selfless, devotional service. I’m certainly back in the thick of it once again: each day bringing a (potent!!) new teaching. Each day another layer left behind. 🧡 

I am thankful for the love and courage to keep stepping towards the hardest bits. Grateful for her sweet smile.
Grateful for time on my mat.
Grateful to all of life’s teachers ~ big and small. 🌿😌🙏🏽

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